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Welcome to the exciting world of watch enthusiasts, collectors, and aficionados! Watches are not just a means of telling time but are also a way to express one’s personality, style, and appreciation for craftsmanship. In this article, we’ll be taking you on a journey through some of our favorite watch blogs, news sources, forums, and social media accounts. So, strap on your favorite timepiece, and let’s dive in!

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Watch Blogs

A Blog to Watch

A Blog to Watch is one of the leading watch blogs on the internet. Founded by Ariel Adams, the blog covers everything from watch industry news and reviews to interviews with watchmakers and collectors. With an easy-to-navigate layout and stunning photography, it’s no wonder this blog has garnered such a loyal following.


Hodinkee is another heavyweight in the world of watch blogs. Founded by Benjamin Clymer, Hodinkee’s in-depth articles, reviews, and interviews offer a unique perspective on the watch industry. Their well-produced videos and podcasts are also a must-watch/listen for any watch enthusiast.

Worn & Wound

Worn & Wound takes a more approachable, down-to-earth approach to watch coverage. Focusing on affordable timepieces and vintage watches, this blog is perfect for those looking to dive into the hobby without breaking the bank. Their detailed reviews and stunning photography make Worn & Wound an essential read.

Monochrome Watches

Monochrome Watches is all about high-end and luxury watches. With insightful articles on the latest releases, in-depth reviews, and stunning macro photography, Monochrome is a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in horology.

Fratello Watches

Fratello Watches is a blog founded by Robert-Jan Broer and covers a wide range of topics, from watch reviews to industry news and collector’s stories. The blog also hosts the popular Speedy Tuesday series, which focuses on the iconic Omega Speedmaster.

Time and Tide Watches

Time and Tide Watches is an Australian-based watch blog featuring news, reviews, and interviews from the world of horology. With a unique perspective and engaging storytelling, this blog is a must-read for any watch enthusiast.

Watch Forums


Watchuseek is one of the largest and most active watch forums on the internet . With a vast range of subforums dedicated to specific brands and watch-related topics, Watchuseek is an invaluable resource for both beginners and seasoned collectors. The friendly community and knowledgeable members make it a go-to destination for watch enthusiasts.

The Rolex Forums

The Rolex Forums is a dedicated forum for Rolex enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find in-depth discussions about various Rolex models, their history, and current market values. The Rolex Forums is a treasure trove of information and a great place to connect with like-minded collectors.


TimeZone is another popular watch forum that covers a wide range of topics and brands. With an active community of knowledgeable members, TimeZone is a great place to discuss everything from vintage timepieces to the latest releases.

Watch News


WatchPro is a leading source of news and analysis for the watch industry. Covering everything from brand developments and market trends to retail strategies, WatchPro is an essential read for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the world of watches.


WatchTime is a well-respected watch magazine that also has a strong online presence. With detailed reviews, industry news, and in-depth articles, WatchTime is a go-to source for watch enthusiasts looking for quality content and expert opinions.

Social Media

Instagram Watch Collectors

Instagram is a treasure trove of watch-related content, with countless collectors, enthusiasts, and brands showcasing their timepieces on the platform. Some popular accounts to follow include @watchfred, @wristenthusiast, and @dailywatch. These accounts not only provide eye-catching photography but also offer insights into various watch models and collecting tips.

YouTube Watch Reviewers

YouTube is another fantastic platform for watch enthusiasts, with a plethora of watch reviewers providing their opinions and insights on various timepieces. Some popular channels include The Urban Gentry, Watchfinder & Co., and Teddy Baldassarre. These channels cover a wide range of topics, from in-depth reviews to industry news and watch-buying guides.


There’s a wealth of information and content available for watch enthusiasts, collectors, and aficionados. From insightful blogs and engaging forums to news sources and social media accounts, there’s something for everyone in the horological community. So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your watch journey, explore these resources and let your passion for timepieces flourish.


  1. What are some good entry-level watch blogs for beginners? Worn & Wound and Fratello Watches are great options for beginners, as they cover a wide range of topics and focus on more affordable timepieces.

  2. Where can I find watch forums dedicated to specific brands? The Rolex Forums is a dedicated forum for Rolex enthusiasts, while Watchuseek has subforums for many popular brands.

  3. Are there any watch magazines worth subscribing to? WatchTime is a well-respected watch magazine that offers detailed reviews, industry news, and in-depth articles.

  4. How can I discover new watch-related content on social media? Following popular watch collectors and reviewers on Instagram and YouTube is a great way to discover new content and stay updated with the latest trends.

  5. What are some popular YouTube channels for watch enthusiasts? The Urban Gentry, Watchfinder & Co., and Teddy Baldassarre are popular channels that cover a wide range of topics, from in-depth reviews to industry news and watch-buying guides.

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