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Orient Caliber F7R62   




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The Orient Caliber F7R62 is a remarkable automatic movement that exemplifies precision and reliability. With its impressive craftsmanship and innovative technology, this caliber is designed to elevate the performance of any timepiece it powers.

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the F7R62 boasts a high level of accuracy, ensuring consistent timekeeping under various conditions. Built with 22 jewels, this movement guarantees smooth and efficient operation, reducing friction and increasing longevity.

One standout feature of the Caliber F7R62 is its impressive power reserve. With a remarkable capacity of up to 40 hours, this movement provides seamless functionality, allowing the timepiece to continue running even when not being worn. This makes it a practical choice for those who prefer rotational wear or enjoy the convenience of not constantly resetting their watch.

Additionally, the F7R62 features a hacking function, resulting in precise time-setting capabilities. When the crown is pulled out, the seconds hand halts, enabling easy synchronization with other time sources. This ensures accuracy down to the exact second, making it indispensable for those who rely on their timepiece for precise timekeeping.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Caliber F7R62 incorporates an automatic winding mechanism that efficiently harnesses the wearer’s movements to power the watch. This eliminates the need for frequent manual winding and allows for seamless operation, even during daily activities.

With its exceptional features and exceptional craftsmanship, the Orient Caliber F7R62 guarantees not only reliable timekeeping but also a sophisticated and luxurious experience for any watch connoisseur.


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