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Orient Caliber F6R42   




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The Orient Caliber F6R42 is a high-performance automatic movement that effortlessly combines precision and reliability. Designed with utmost attention to detail, this impressive caliber boasts a multitude of impressive features that will surely captivate any watch enthusiast.

With a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and 22 jewels, the F6R42 guarantees remarkable accuracy and smooth operation. It showcases a power reserve of approximately 40 hours, ensuring consistent timekeeping even when not in use. This self-winding movement eliminates the need for manual winding, adding convenience and ease to the overall watch experience.

The F6R42 features a day and date function, reflecting Orient’s emphasis on practicality and functionality. These vital complications are neatly displayed via the carefully positioned day and date windows on the dial, allowing for quick and efficient time-telling. The effortless readability is enhanced by luminous hands and markers, ensuring legibility even in dimly lit environments.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the F6R42 is meticulously assembled using high-quality components. This caliber showcases Orient’s commitment to excellence, as each movement undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure seamless performance and long-lasting reliability.

Suitable for both casual and formal occasions, the F6R42 caliber can effortlessly elevate any watch it adorns. Its sleek design allows for easy integration into a variety of watch models, while its impressive features make it a standout choice for watch enthusiasts seeking a timepiece that offers a perfect balance of style and substance.

In summary, the Orient Caliber F6R42 is a remarkable automatic movement that boasts precision, reliability, and convenience. With its array of impressive features and meticulous craftsmanship, it perfectly showcases Orient’s commitment to creating exceptional timepieces that exceed expectations.


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